The Hellenic Cinema Center, a legal entity under private law supervised by the Ministry of Culture and subsidized by the state, is the main body for the implementing of film policy in Greece. Its main objectives are supporting young filmmakers, increasing investment from both the domestic market and abroad, attracting foreign producers and co-producers, and making Greek film production more outward-looking by promoting it abroad. 

The Hellenic Film Commission is responsible for promoting Greece abroad as a suitable location for all kinds of audiovisual productions, as well as for attracting international audiovisual producers to Greece. 

The Greek Film Centre (hereinafter GFC), which is based at Hatzopoulou 9, 115 24 Athens, with Tax Identification Number 094027282 (Psychiko Tax Office), arranges the following to cover the needs of the Hellenic Film Commission. 

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With reference to the photographs in the Locations database, the management of the HFC invited the public to post photographs from around Greece on, a website created for this purpose which no longer exits; the photographs were to be published for free for an indefinite period on the websites belonging to the GFC ( ) and the Hellenic Film Commission, on the GFC’s Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media account that may be created in the future), as well as in printed material produced by the GFC.

The photographs that were posted with the permission of their creators as part of this interactive HFC initiative on, now form part of the collection of photographs posted on this website. Please find here the terms of use accepted by the creators who posted their photos

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