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Unions – Associations in Greece

Association of Greek Film Directors – Producers (ESPEK)
ESPEK exists from 1991 and has its current name from 1994. All its members are film directors who most of the times are producers of their own films. Today counts 116 members and among them there are both established directors and young talents. ESPEK’ s main purpose is protection and promotion of Greek cinema in Greece and abroad. ESPEK is a member of FERA (Federation of European Film Directors).
+ 30 2108838770
[email protected]

Audiovisual Producers’ Association of Greece (SAPOE)
27 Zaimi Str., 10682, Athens, Greece
+30 2106833212
[email protected]
President: Panos Papahatzis

Director’s Cut
A non-profit organization promoting and contributing to every field and aspect related to directors -and pertinent principals/members involved- engaged in the production of commercial spots with special focus to preferred advertising practices and intellectual property rights from treatment to first cut.
14 Veranzerou Str., Athens
+30 6972858800
[email protected]

Greek Animation Association (ASIFA)
[email protected]
President: Vasilis C. Karamitsanis

Greek Directors’ Guild
The Greek Directors Guild was founded in December 1973 in Athens, Greece. GDG is the artistic and professional association of Film, Theater and Television directors, and has about 1200 members in its ranks. The Greek Directors’ Association is a member of the European Federation of Audiovisual Workers (FERA) and the International Federation of Audiovisual Workers (MEI). GDG has also founded “SEE-Greek Directors Guild”, for the promotion of the artistic project of the new and young filmmakers of Greece and the “Filming in Greece” office for the creation and development of a service that will attract foreign producers in order to develop their projects in Greece.
11 Tositsa Str., 10683, Athens
+30 2108229133, +30 2108228936
[email protected]
President: Harris Papadopoulos

Greek Documentary Association (Hellas Doc)
Professional Greek documentary filmmakers’ guild (producers, directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors etc.).
12 Athinas Str., 10551, Athens, Greece
+30 6972318826
[email protected]
President: Marianna Economou

Greek Federation of Film Societies
For more than 70 years, the institution of Film Societies throughout Greece has been a living organism, an active society of friends of cinema, volunteers aiming to promote the art of cinema and film education, through a large variety of events:
Screenings of selected films from the Greek, European and World cinema, special screenings of films from the various Film Festivals that are held in Greece.
Yearly theme conventions with screenings and analytical presentations on the special theme of each convention.
Seminars about the theory, the history, the esthetics and the technique of the cinema.
Since 1983, the Greek Federation of Film Societies has been coordinating all these actions.
59-61 Iros Konstantopoulou Str., 16346, Athens
+30 2109941199, +30 6945405825
[email protected]
President: Dimitrios Kalantidis

Greek Film Critics Association
Union of Greek Critics, Critic’s Awards, Film Edittions & Screenings 
65 Patission Str., 10433, Athens, Greece
+30 2103637867
[email protected]
President: Vasilis Kechagias

Greek Producers Association (Movie, TV, Video & Multimedia)
38 Themistokleous Str., 106 78, Athens, Greece
+30 2109584531
[email protected]
President: Dimitris Evangelopoulos

Greek Society of Cinematographers GSC
The Greek Society of Cinematographers (GSC) aims in highlighting, promoting and disseminating the art of cinema photography, aka, the art of narration through images. It is inspired by the same spirit and outlook as similar societies in Europe and the US, and its membership is comprised of acclaimed Greek Cinematographers (Directors of Photography). Its members work together in a spirit of positive collaboration, to foster recognition and awareness of the significance of the cinematographer’s role in the development of the art of the moving image, and the creative contribution cinematographers to film making. The GSC will also play an informative and educational role for its members, film students, cinema studies, and cinephiles. The GSC will do this without political, religious, trade union or economic affiliations. A member of the International Federation of Cinematographers IMAGO, the GSC meets with international communities of cinematographers, exchanging views and concerns on issues of mutual interest.
[email protected]
President: George Frentzos

Greek Union of Film Television and Audiovisual Technicians
The Greek Union of Film, Television and Audiovisual Technicians is a firstdegree trade corporation, which was founded in 1948 and has members from all the specialties of the audiovisual field. Specifically, there are included 81 specialties from the following branches: Direction, Production, Cinematography, Set – Costumes designing, Sound recording, Editing, Make-up, Electricians, Special Effects, Laboratories, Television, Broadcasting, Recording, New Technologies. The aims of E.T.E.K.T. – O.T. are the professional and legal ensuring of its members as well as the rendering of motives for cultural activation. Further objectives of the Union are the full technical education of its members, the promotion and recognition of Greek cinematography both in Greece and abroad and the contribution in proving the cultural identity of our country.
25 Valtetsiou Str., 10680 Athens, Greece
+30 2103675675
[email protected]
President: Maria Maggira

Hellenic Actors’ Union
33 Kaniggos Str., 10682, Athens, Greece
+30 2103833742, +30 2103817369
[email protected]    
President: Spiros Bibilas             

Hellenic Film Academy (HFA)
The Hellenic Film Academy (HFA) was founded on November 23, 2009 in Athens in order to gather under the same roof all the film people of Greece who consistently and in duration shape the country’s “filmscape”. The HFA’s primary focus is to hold the Annual National Film Awards. Moreover, the HFA leads and supports initiatives regarding the development of domestic film production, outsources research projects aiming to improve national film policy and is active in film education and training, holding open discussions, lectures, seminars and workshops. HFA is member of the Film Academy Network of Europe.
12 Athinas Str., 10551, Athens, Greece.
+30 6945730190 
[email protected]
President: Mei Karamanidi

Isocratis is a Royalties Collecting Society which manage the copyrights of artists who produce works of art in the field of cinema and audiovisual works in general. Its Operating License results from the Government Gazette. B’ 1164 / 30.12.1997. It represents, since 1994, Directors of Photography, Production Designers, Editors, Sound Engineers, Costume Designers in Greece. Its members are creators active in Greece. It also represents creators who are active abroad and are members of other respective Organizations, with which ISOCRATIS has a contract of mutual representation. A Greek creator who does not wish to become a member may also be represented by ISOCRATIS. It engages with users from whom it collects copyrights and assigns them to the beneficiaries. 
25 Valtetsiou Str., Athens, 10680
+30 2103626752, +30 2130263222
[email protected] 

Media Producers Association (PACT)
PACT was founded in 1973 and represents Greek production companies which: • Employ more than 5,000 people annually. • Provide Production Services to the majority of international productions in Greece (movies, TV series, commercials). • Co-Produce a significant number of feature films and TV programs. • Produce almost all commercial communication projects in Greece (commercial films, event management, radio spots, music production and sound design). • Invest in interactive technologies both in shooting as well as in image and sound processing. • Support new directors, as well as artistic and technical personnel in the wider audiovisual field.
+30 210 6831077, +30 6946060889
[email protected]
President: Andreas Tsilifonis

North Greece Film Union
[email protected]
President: Akis Kersanidis 

Panhellenic Federation of Cinema Owners
96-98 Akadimias, 10677, Athens, Greece
+30 2103807334, +30 6977325792
[email protected]
[email protected]
President: Panagiotis Tsakalakis

Script Writers Guild of Greece
14 Dragoumi Str., 11528, Athens, Greece
+30 2107235629
[email protected]
President: Alexander Kakavas

EU Institutions & Networks

Creative Europe MEDIA
Represented by Greek Film Centre 
Anna Kasimati
[email protected]
[email protected]

Eurimages Fund
Represented by Greek Film Centre

South Eastern Europe Cinema Network (SEE CINEMA NETWORK)
General Secretary of the SEE Cinema Network, Yannis Iliopoulos
[email protected]
Represented by Greek Film Centre 

European Film Agency Directors Association (EFAD)
Represented by Greek Film Centre
[email protected]

European Film Promotion
[email protected]
Represented by Greek Film Centre
Athena Kalkopoulou
[email protected]

European Film Commission Network (EUFCN)
[email protected]

Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI)
[email protected]

European Audiovisual Observatory
Represented by Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV)
[email protected]