The Hellenic Cinema Center, a legal entity under private law supervised by the Ministry of Culture and subsidized by the state, is the main body for the implementing of film policy in Greece. Its main objectives are supporting young filmmakers, increasing investment from both the domestic market and abroad, attracting foreign producers and co-producers, and making Greek film production more outward-looking by promoting it abroad. The Hellenic Film Commission is responsible for promoting Greece abroad as a suitable location for all kinds of audiovisual productions, as well as for attracting international audiovisual producers to Greece. The Greek Film Centre (hereinafter GFC), which is based at Hatzopoulou 9, 115 24 Athens, with Tax Identification Number 094027282 (Psychiko Tax Office), arranges the following to cover the needs of the Hellenic Film Commission. The Hellenic Film Commission invites the public to post photographs from around Greece with a view to their being published for free for an indefinite period on the websites belonging to the GFC ( ) and the Hellenic Film Commission, on the GFC’s Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media account that may be created in the future), as well as in printed material produced by the GFC for the purposes of the Hellenic Film Commission. The Hellenic Film Commission will choose which of the photographs posted on are to be published on each of the websites belonging to the GFC ( and the Hellenic Film Commission, as well as on the GFC’s Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and any other accounts that may be created in the future), and in printed material produced by the GFC to serve its purposes. The photographs selected by the Hellenic Film Commission will be posted at intervals on . Before a user posts a photo on our site, they are obliged to read and understand the following terms of use. Uploading a photo to this site indicates the user’s unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein. If the user does not agree with these terms and conditions, they must NOT register on the site A fundamental condition for any user to participate by posting photos to is that they MUST own the copyright of any photos they post on our website (i.e. they must have taken the photo themselves or have written permission from the person who took it to post it on our site). By posting the photos on, the user grants us a FREE license to publish them in any size or format and for an indefinite period of time on the website, but also on any website owned by the GFC (www.gfc .gr) or the Hellenic Film Commission, as well as the Social Media of the GFC (Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts that may be created in the future), and printed material produced by the GFC to serve its purposes. The user does NOT transfer the copyright for the photos to us in any way. The copyright for the photos remains with them. The user should be aware that by posting their photos on, they agree that they are responsible before the law for any liability arising from any copyright infringements related to the photos, which are displayed online on GFC websites in digital form, as well as in the GFC’s Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media account that may be created in the future), and in printed material produced by the GFC to serve its purposes. All published photos will be accompanied by the name of their copyright holder. We reserve the right to correct any errors in the description or position of the photos on the map, and to remove any incomplete or inappropriate posts. The user must ensure that they have any written permission that may be required for any recognizable site and/or for people who appear in the photos, before posting them on We will not disclose either the personal data of the users or their contact details to third parties in any form. No photos posted on (whether they are selected for publication or not) will be given to third parties. Finally, has been created in a secure environment (https) in order to guarantee the security of its users’ data.


The procedure by which users can participate is detailed below. The user is invited to read and digest the information presented on the HOME PAGE of and then to REGISTER after having read and accepted the TERMS OF USE. The user receives an email confirming and activating their personal account and is invited to SUBMIT PHOTOS by following the following steps: STEP 1: SELECT PHOTO LOCATION The user is asked to drag the pin over the map of Greece to the location which their photos were taken. STEP 2: UPLOAD PHOTOS The user is asked to drag their photos (up to 5 at a time) into the upload box to upload them, having first read and understood the required image specifications. Image Specifications When uploading photos to the site, follow these step-by-step instructions for your convenience and to ensure that your photos appear at their best: File Types Save photos in .jpg, .gif or .png format only; .pdf, .psd, .tif and .doc files are not compatible with the website’s image upload facility. File name Use only Latin letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores in file names. Other characters (such as question marks and percentage marks) may cause the file to be uploaded incorrectly. File size There is a 10 MB limit on all uploads, but we recommend that you use files smaller than 500 KB to optimize the final appearance of the photos you upload. Resolution The maximum image resolution is set at 60 megapixels. General best practices Image Width The dimensions of the photos you upload will affect the way in which they are ultimately displayed. We recommend using photos between 1,500 and 2,500 pixels in width. Photos smaller than 1,500 pixels in size may look blurred. We do not recommend enlarging a smaller photo, as this may detract from its quality. Instead, start with a photo that is at least 1,500 pixels wide. Orientation Make sure your photo is oriented correctly before uploading. At the end of this step, the user is asked to describe what is depicted in their photos and to state the year and time at which it was taken. STEP 3: SELECT CATEGORY The user is asked to choose which of the suggested categories corresponds best to each of the photos they post. Should a photo not correspond to any of the suggested categories, the user can suggest a new category. Having completed the above steps, the user submits their photo.