Training Day: How does a film office establishes itself in the marketplace?

The Hellenic Film Commission of the Greek Film Centre organizes a training day entitled “How does a film office establishes itself in the marketplace?”, in collaboration with the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) within the framework of the Market of the 62nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival on Tuesday 9 November 2021. With the support of the Athens Film Office.

The aim of the training day is to provide training and networking to the film officers and the executives of the regional Film Offices operating in Greece. During the training day, members of the Board of the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN), from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Norway, Serbia and Italy, will develop topics of key importance, both for the initial development stage and for the business planning of the Film Offices (good practices for attracting and facilitating demanding audiovisual works, as well as for promoting regions and territories). The purpose of the training day is that the expertise and know-how shared by the most experienced European film commissioners will work for the benefit of the Greek film officers in terms of knowledge and networking opportunities for collaborations.

EUFCN Guest Speakers/Trainers

Mikael Svensson, EUFCN Co-President, Head of Southern Sweden Film Commission – Sweden

Mikael Svensson is an experienced Film Commissioner with a history of acting and producing. Mikael holds an MBA in International Marketing from Lund University and has spent several years studying and working in India. Mikael is co-founder of Nordic Film Commissions and is currently one of the Co-Presidents of EUFCN (European Film Commissioners Network). Mikael has been running Southern Sweden Film Commission since 2007 and the Commission is a part of the regional film fund; Film i Skåne. Southern Sweden Film Commission is part of the regional marketing structure and work as free liaison to the regional and national government and to the film industry in Southern Sweden.

Alexandra Luetkens, EUFCN Treasurer, Film Commission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein – Germany

Alexandra started her career in film production in the early nineties, first in the art department and then changing to the camera department, working as 1st AC and Camera Operator for several years before taking a chance with a position in the Film Commission of the (then) Hamburg Film Fund 1999.  She has been a film commissioner for almost 22 years now, developing the film commission’s services and building up Hamburg’s reputation as a filmfriendly city. From the beginning the Hamburg Film Commission held a vital role in the structure of the German Film Commissions network. Since the Hamburg film fund was fused with the fund of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein in 2007 the film commission represents two German federal states.
Alexandra was also involved in the constitutional meeting of the European Film Commissions Nework EUFCN in Berlin 2005. The Film Conmmission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein has been a member since the official registration of the association in 2007 and Alexandra currently serves in the EUFCN board of directors as the treasurer.

Carlota Guerrero, EUFCN Board Member, Manager, Catalunya Film Commission – Spain

Carlota Guerrero is the manager of the Catalunya Film Commission since 2007. The CFC is part of the Catalan film fund (Government of Catalonia). She is also a board member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN). As manager of the Catalunya Film Commission, she coordinates a network of over 230 towns and villages across Catalonia, which altogether host around 4,000 productions every year. At CFC she collaborates with all types of productions, from short films to international feature films awarded at international film festivals or high-end TV drama. She also represents Catalonia in the main international film festivals and markets.

Adrian A. Mitchell, EUFCN Board Member, Head of Oslo Film Commission – Norway

Adrian A. Mitchell has a long track record from the film industry, ranging from production manager, location scout and manager, distribution and as producer. He has also done startup in educational gaming, has run a brewery and owns a bar. This might reflect his fondness of social realtions.
Mr. Mitchell is currently Head of The Oslo Film Commission. Oslo Film Commission is a part of The Vice Mayor’s office in The City of Oslo.

Sara Hernandez, EUFCN Communication & Social Media Manager – Italy

Sara Inés Hernandez, Italian-Mexican, graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. She then attended Scuola Holden in Turin, where she explored lots of narrative pathways and forms of writing, with a focus on screenwriting and film production. She worked as assistant producer for Redibis Film (Turin) from 2018 until 2020. In January of 2020 she joined the EUFCN staff as Communication and Social Media Manager, to promote and support the work of more than 90 European film commission members. She manages the EUFCN Location Award, the annual prize for best European filming location.

Panels Moderator: Venia Vergou, EUFCN Board Member, Director of Hellenic Film Commission – Greece

Access will be allowed only to those who are fully vaccinated.

The event is addressed to the people in charge of the Film Offices in the municipalities and regions of Greece. It is also open to producers, accredited by Agora, on a first-come-first-served basis.