“Crimes Of The Future” by David Cronenberg: The experience of filming in Greece

In the Summer of 2021, David Cronenberg came to Athens for the filming of his upcoming movie, starring, among others, Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux and Kristen Stewart. “Crimes Of The Future”, as it is titled, signals the return of the renowned Director to his sci-fi and body-horror roots. The story, which he wrote back in 2000, takes place in a future world where the post-humanist “Accelerated Evolution Syndrome” spreads rapidly, causing mixed reactions through the population, as some accept the infinite possibilities of it, while others continuously try to suppress it.

Back when Cronenberg was writing the film he had in mind his own hometown of Toronto, however, as he stated:

When I first wrote the screenplay for Crimes of The Future two decades ago, its location was ambiguous. But as the film came to fruition, we began exploring the opportunity to shoot in Greece. Looking at the unique buildings and exteriors in and around Athens, the incredible textures of an ancient city, the hypnotic presence of an ancient sea, my vision for the film suddenly coalesced. I fully embraced the gifts that Athens was presenting to me, and now it seems the film could not have come together anywhere else. And among those Athenian gifts were the passionate and diligent Greek cast and crew, who were a pleasure to work with. They went over and above to make us feel welcomed, and their hard work contributed to every frame of the final picture.”

The Greek Production Company Argonauts S.A., which had cooperated with Robert Lantos, the Producer of the film, again in the past participated in the project as a minority co-producer and Production Service company. Robert Lantos said about the experience of filming in Greece:

Of course, as it turns out, Greek technicians and crew are of very high standard. We had a wonderful mix of Canadians and Greeks in the team! It was a great experience for all of our crew and I believe the Greek crew enjoyed the experience as well!”

The movie was supported by the Minority Program of the Greek Film Centre.

Image Copyrights: ©Serendipity Point Films, Argonauts Productions SA