Chiliadou Beach winning the EUFCN Location Award 2022 for “Triangle of Sadness”

The Greek Film Centre is especially happy to announce that Chiliadou Beach has won the EUFCN Location Award for 2022.

Most of the film was shot on Chiliadou Beach. Ruben Ostlund’s “Triangle of Sadness” went on to win the Palme D’Or in the 2022 Cannes Competition and is currently nominated for numerous BAFTA and Oscar Awards.

The EUFCN award ceremony took place today during the 73rd Berlinale in the context of the European Film Market. The win came as a result of the wide positive response from the audience during the voting stage for the Best European Location Award.

The Greek Film Centre and the Hellenic Film Commission, which nominated the location would like to thank every person who supported the candidacy of Chiliadou during the process. The four runner-ups were Great Britain’s Portsoy for “Peaky Blinders”, Switzerland’s Brissago Islands for “Dawn Chorus”, Germany’s Schlosshotel Kronberg for “Spencer” and Croatia’s Stari Grad for “How I learned to fly”.

It should be noted that in 2018, Corfu was honoured with the same award for the TV Series “The Durrells” making this the second distinction for a Greek Location since 2017 when the competition was first established.

The President of the Board of Directors of the Greek Film Centre Markos Holevas stated: “The win of Chiladou Beach, that during the COVID-19 pandemic welcomed the filming of “Triangle of Sadness”, makes us, the people who saw Greece’s need for extroversion and relevant policy creation for the development of the Audiovisual Sector, elated. Since 2007, the Hellenic Film Commission supports this strategic pursuit of the Greek Film Centre. It promotes Greece as a filming destination for international audiovisual productions and connects Greek Professionals with the International Audiovisual Industry. “Triangle of Sadness”, recipient of the Palme d’Or and 3-time nominee on the upcoming Oscars, is a perfect example of the aforementioned policy, because there we Greek producers and technicians involved in it. Today’s award was a result of the coordinated action of HFC with GNTO and the Region of Central Greece.

The President of GNTO Angela Gerekou stated: “We have an important distinction today for Greece, Greek cinema as well as Greek tourism. A big, warm thank you to the charismatic director, Ruben Östlund, his partners, the production team, the Greek company Heretic, which highlighted the capabilities we have for productions in Greece. I also want to congratulate the Greek Film Centre. And most definitely, a huge thank you to the European audience. Once again, they displayed with their vote, their love for Greece. GNTO, along with the Greek Film Centre and EKOME, with which we have a Memorandum of Cooperation, we are joining force for the dynamic promotion of film tourism in Greece. In this present organization especially, VISIT GREECE, GNTO’s digital media, showcased the pan-European platform of EUFCN, encouraging the public to vote. Once again, warm congratulation to everyone. We will keep at it…”.

The Regional Governor of Central Greece, Fanis Spanos stated: “I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers, but mostly to all the people who voted for Chiliadou as the Best European Film Location for 2022. I would also like to thank the Hellenic Film Commission and the Greek Film Centre! This particular award is a special honor for us and it is proof that our beach, Chiliadou, had a little something to add to the already amazing film by the great Ruben Ostlund. When we, as a Region did our best to facilitate the production, we couldn’t imagine its massive worldwide success! A while later, we found ourselves planning the film’s screening  in Chiliadou after it had just received the Palme d’Or in Cannes! We couldn’t be more proud for supporting Culture and Art in all its forms and we will keep doing so, while at the same time promoting the Region of Central Greece.”

The 5 finalists for the European Location Award 2022 were:
• Brissago Islands for the feature film “Dawn Chorus” – Ticino Film Commission (Switzerland)
• Chiliadou Beach for the feature film “The Triangle of Sadness” – Hellenic Film Commission (Greece)
• Portsoy for the TV series “Peaky Blinders” (Season 6) – Screen Scotland (Scotland)
• Schlosshotel Kronberg hotel for the feature film “Spencer” – Film Commission Hessen (Germany)
• Stari Grad district for the feature film “How I Learned To Fly” – Filming in Croatia (Croatia)

Watch the video of the Region of Central Greece about Chiliadou Beach and the filming of “Triangle of Sadness” in the area, below: