Green Film Lab: Workshop, Athens, March 5-8, 2024 

Memory book of the Athens workshop with tutors, participants interested in sustainable production and a dog.

Greek Film Centre through its Directorate Hellenic Film Commission (HFC), welcomed in Athens, from March 5 to 8, 2024, the Green Film Lab workshop.

Green Film Lab was organized by the Torino Film Lab which has extensive experience in developing innovative training programs and workshops, in collaboration with Green Film, the National Museum of Cinema and Trentino Film Commission in collaboration with Eave.

Greek Film Centre treats the future of Greek cinematography and the audiovisual sector of our country with responsibility and, in this framework, welcomed the Green Film Lab. GFC is convinced that Greece’s position on the European film map is strengthened by the adoption of environmental practices during planning, their implementation in film productions and the certification of movies produced here as Green.

Greek Film Centre takes an active role in the country’s effort to align with international policies and practices aimed at reducing carbon footprint. As part of that, through Hellenic Film Commission, it has already joined the Green Film network where European film commissions and film funds participate. The enrichment of many European financial instruments with systems of additional support for co-productions that adopt green practices makes it necessary for HFC to collaborate with networks such as Green Film with the aim of exchanging information and know-how as well as promoting green filmmaking practices.

The current climate crisis, the new perspective in film production, the optimal application of green protocols, the certification procedures and the design of a sustainable film of TV series production through specific submitted plans that are scheduled to start shooting in the near future, were some of the topics which were discussed during the workshop.

A total of 32 professionals participated, 16 of those from Greece which where joined by their colleagues from Germany, Estonia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Portugal. Instructors included Giovanni Pompili (head of training programs at Torino Film Lab), Louise Marie Smith (founder and CEO of UK organization Neptune Sustainability), Lucie Tremolieres (French writer and director), Dorte Schneider Garcia (assistant director and sustainability consultant based in Portugal).

Green Film Lab in Athens also featured an Open Session, in which the participation of 30 additional Greek and Greek professionals had been secured. The Open Session included the presentation of the green protocols and the evaluation systems for film and audiovisual productions as well as the analysis of the role of the sustainability manager.

Watch the coverage by “Perivallon” TV program of the Greek public television (from 3:50 min):